About Us

Experience You Can Count On

Deb Beddoe is the Founder and CEO of Ops Manager, Inc.  Prior to starting YourOpsManager, a service of Ops Manager, Inc. in 2010, Deb spent her 25+ year career in finance and operations management for various companies in increasing roles until she became a CFO and COO of a payments company.

As a C-Level Executive, Deb learned that the C-Suite was not about fulfilling your own vision, but executing someone else's vision.  The many years spent learning every capacity of running a business and helping companies execute their vision led to the start of YourOpsManager where Deb is able to not only execute her own vision, but help other business owners find their own path to success in the process.

Deb is a graduate of San Diego State University where she started studying computer programming before changing her major and receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  As a result of her computer science experience, she spent her career bringing technology into the organizations she has managed, to bring efficiencies into the business operations.

YourOpsManager is powered by a technology that Deb created called TOM (TheOpsManager).  TOM prioritizes all of the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, one-time, and recurring tasks for all of the clients of YourOpsManager.  This allows deadlines to be met, large projects to be broken down into manageable events, and employees of YourOpsManager to have their daily activities prioritized as they start their work day.  TOM also monitors the billable hours and learns how long particular tasks take so that we are able to meet our client's budget expectations, and improve on our employee training programs.

Every task in TOM is backed up by a Standard Operating Procedure that evolve with experience.  This ensures our employees and our clients are set up for success by delivering a consistent, efficient, and timely service based on expertise.

YourOpsManager has won numerous awards through the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce including the "2014 Most Innovative Product or Service", the "2013 Entrepreneur of the Year", and the "2012 Small Business of the Year".  

Why get a notification that a task is due, when you can get a notification that a task is done.  Deb Beddoe is YourOpsManager.